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Today's life is busy with jobs, children, family, and friends - we're anchored to our desks, hovering over the kids and slouched over chores. We are learning to distract and distance ourselves from our real self with phones, TV, eating and other addictions. We have been taught that this is okay and accepted.
All these things contribute to shortened and weakened muscles, joint pain, trouble relaxing, anxiety, fear and often sleep issues. Our mood, concentration, quality time with the kids and loved onesare affected.

Yoga helps encourage a positive shift in lifestyle, starting from childhood. Yoga promotes a sense of wellbeing and leads to a better self. We're better students, more productive at work, happier and healthier people with yoga in our lives. Breathwork allows ourselves to meet ourselves exactly where we are working through and illuminating what needs to be seen and breathing directly into this illumination allowing us to release, let go and dance with ourselves in our totality - shadow and all. Knowing that this is all part of us and once we can see ourselves from this place of compassion, we can begin to heal, release, accept and love ourselves completely and wholly.

By allowing ourselves to come to the present moment with our Breath alone we can reduce our "stories" so we are strong in our sense of being and are able to endure physical, mental and emotional discomfort and teach ourselves to alter our reactions to discomfort. Breathing into ourselves, meeting and healing those areas with the strength of our breath. Using meditation, Breathwork and Yoga from a place of strength and compassion we can find the strength within and meet ourselves where we are and embracing and loving our totality.

Life is magical and so are you. Really meeting yourself where you are and learning to breath into the discomfort of every day life, finding the strength that you have residing within you can change your life, bring you into the present moment, here and now. Helping to reduce our anxieties and stories our ego loves to tell us are true. We can become kinder and more loving towards ourselves and others.


Rachel Blair

Breathwork Facilitator and Yin Yoga Teacher

I am trained Breathwork facilitator, Modified Ashtanga, Yin and Meditation trained teacher with specialty training Baby Yoga and Children’s yoga.

We’re all on our own life journey – I truly believe in the power of the Breath and yoga and its ability to enrich and heal your body, soul and mind.
These life-changing disciplines have powerful benefits and visible results.
I’m a gentle, encouraging instructor, excited to share my knowledge and experiences. My classes are made for all experience levels, and all ages.
The journey of life is ever evolving, learning to love the journey in all it’s aspects, dark and light is something I am passionate about helping people find – and it is always within us. We hold the answers and the strength within us at all times. Finding the tools to focus in on this I believe is the answer and I would love to journey with you and help you find your light.


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